Fandom A-Go! Go! Collab Entry

This is my most recent collab work, and is another collab by members of the GO!GO! Server. In this collab, artists mixed two series together in some form. This included drawing non-Jojo characters in the Jojo art style, drawing Jojo characters in non-Jojo art styles, or what I did and just mix them together into one idea. I decided to turn three of the protagonists from Stardust Crusaders (Left to right: Kakyoin, Jotaro, Polnareff) into Kamen Riders based on both their Stand Abilities and the tarot theme of that part of Jojo.

I used Photoshop for everything, from the sketching process to the final coloring and shading. I made individual files for every character before putting each of them in this singular portrait. I also grabbed the Jojo and Kamen Rider logos off of Google images, and the Fandom A-Go! Go! picture was made by the owners of the GO!GO! Server.

Jotaro and Kakyoin's colors are mainly based off of their Stand's colors in the current anime, while Polnareff's colors are based off of his Stand's color from the OVA series from the 90s.

This drawing caused me to change directions with my art once it was finished. By the time I was making this, I had begun using the Mixer Brush Tool for my line art, as it helped make my line art look more jagged and pointy. After some struggles with making the line art look great on this drawing, I decided it was best that I just use the pencil tool for everything and just stylize the line art on my own.

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