Araki Anew Collab Entry

This collab, also managed by the GO!GO! Server, is what officially gave me my art drive. In this collab, everyone who signed up was allowed to recreate up to three official sketches by Hirohiko Araki, the creator of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. The objective was to "complete" them and draw the characters and poses in our styles. This was long before I figured out what I wanted my style to be like, and I was more focused on creating finished poses.

I used Photoshop for everything. When outlining the poses, I traced the sketch. All of the other details, on the other hand, simply used the sketch as a reference. I picked out the color scheme for Johnny (first picture) because I wanted to make my own color scheme for that drawing, and I doubt anyone has ever tried giving him a cherry color scheme before. I also included the fire inside his eyes since it is utilized in the part that Johnny is from in the manga (It is commonly referred to as "Dark Determination").

For the drawing of Josuke (second picture), I chose the background and setting because the original sketch gave me a free-fall feeling, and I wanted to bring that idea to life. The split colors on the eyes were included since they are a part of his character design, and the color scheme is from an official drawing of the character. I was also given a suggestion to add highlights around the character to emphasize that he is in the sky.

As mentioned previously, working on this collab gave me the motivation to continue doing digital art, and helped me fully embrace my art drive.

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