Bizarre Ballads Collab Entry

This is my first ever collab entry, which was set up by the GO!GO! Collabs Discord Server. In this collab, myself and many other artists recreated our favorite album covers using characters from Jojo''s Bizarre Adventure. I based my entry off of the "Going Blank Again" album cover by Ride, and I decided to recreate the album cover using Josuke Higashikata from part 8 of the series. I used the paintbrush and pencil tools for both the character and the background. I did all of this without any outlines due to the nature of the original album.

This piece actually went through three iterations, with the second iteration including a bunch of details and changes that I forgot to add the first time. The third and final iteration that you see here came as a result of a sudden idea. Initially, the objects covering the eyes were supposed to be soap bubbles, as Josuke's ability in part 8 involved the use of soap bubbles with star shaped marks on them. I then remembered a moment in the manga that involved the fusion of lemons and oranges (I am not kidding, this is an actual thing that happens) and decided to use that to cover the eyes.

Working on this gave me a slight interest in doing art, as I was proud of the final product, although I didn't fully embrace my art drive until the next collab.

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