About Andrew Teague

I am a student at Bradley University expecting to graduate by Spring of 2022. I am an Interactive Media student with a concentration in UI/UX, and I also do digital art as a hobby. I have done a small handful of art collaboration projects in the past, and I have also done work on the user interface for the FUSE project Compliment Clash. I am proficient in software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, XD and Premiere Pro, and I am currently learning how to use Aseprite and Clip Studio Paint.

I initially came to Bradley University to major in Game Design, but I ended up changing majors after three semesters, which made me realize that game design was simply not for me. I ended up choosing to do UI/UX related courses because of my experience in an interactive design course during my second semester of freshman year. I remembered how I enjoyed working on the assignments for that course, and I figured it might translate to a career in that field.

I began digital art as a hobby when I joined the GO!GO! Collabs Discord server in April. I initially participated in the server strictly to hang out, as I knew all of the admins and moderators from another server. I ended up joining a couple collabs on a whim and realized how much I genuinely enjoyed drawing, as well as how good I was. Because of that, I began to do more projects on my own

My current interests are Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Kamen Rider. I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of super heroes saving the day with cool super powers. I’m also heavily interested in robots and science fiction, as well as the creativity that comes from that genre. My online avatar that I use across my social media reflects these interests, as he is a robot in streetwear.

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Whether it's for commissions or anything else, I'm available any time!